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Four Conclusions on OERs

1. Access and Pedagogy

Let's take it as a starting point that there are two objectives at play here:

- first, the objective of providing access for all, which as I stated, was demonstrably the goal of the vast majority, if not all, people working in OER.

- second, the objective of what David Wiley calls "OER-enabled pedagogy", which is the "more" he wants when he says, "Stephen answers that his goal is access for all, and takes me to task for wanting more."

So there are two (related) questions:

- first, should the OER movement emphasize the second objective as much as (or more than, or instead of) the first?

- second, does the OER movement as a whole actually embrace what Wiley calls "OER-enabled pedagogy"?

Wiley pretty clearly answers "yes" to the first. Less clear is whether he thinks we should emphasize the second as much, more than, or instead of the first. But whatever.

But what of the second question? Is there a unity of opin…

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